Kang, kyung-il

Kang, kyung-il

Visiting Research Fellow

Areas of Expertise  : Civil-Military Stabilization Operations, Military structure and organization, Facilities policy for national defense


COL. Kang is a visiting research fellow of Asan institute.
He is an expert of post-war reconstruction, majored urban plan in SNU, qualified U.S. CAQC(1st of ROK officer), implemented lots of missions concerning with civil-military stabilization in overseas dispatchment and ROK-US CFC. He was in charge of plans of unit reorganization, as well as military structure when he was in ROK army transformation office and CAAS. He has been studying on the national defense facilities policy related with homeland development.

Academic Background

Korea Military Academy civil engineering bachelor’s degree
Seoul National University urban plan MD
Seoul National University urban plan Ph.D

Professional Background

The 3rd Eng.BG 125BN CDR
Civil-Military Stabilization Ops 5 positions
(Afghanistan(’07) & Lebanon(’10) Civil-Affair Officer, U.S. CAQC(Civil Affair Qualification Course) Qualifier, ROK-US CFC G9 plan officer & G7 officer in charge)
ROK Army transformation office, unit reorg. planning officer
ROK CAAS(Center for Army Analysis and Simulation), military structure analysis plan officer