Asan Plenum

Session: Session 2
Date/Time: April 24, 2018 / 16:30-18:00

David Sanger, The New York Times

Kate Brannen, Just Security
Neal Pollard, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Michael Sulmeyer, Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center
Richard Weitz, Hudson Institute

Panel Description
Cyber security is one of the most rapidly evolving and challenging issues in international affairs. Today, small groups of hackers with limited budgets can influence elections and siphon millions of dollars from banks and individuals around the world. State sponsored campaigns to steal rival governments’ secrets have sparked a cyber arms race and have redefined modern espionage. At the same time, ever more sophisticated AI technology promises to fundamentally change the way we work, trade, and wage war. How can governments and individuals adapt to the complex challenges of cyber security? How will new technologies, such as drones, AI, and big data transform international relations? Can a “liberal cyber international order” be constructed?