Center for Global Governance


The mission of the Center for Global Governance is to offer policy recommendations for establishing new and effective governance that is fit for responding aptly to the changes of the 21st century and the daily evolving dynamics of international relations and politics. To that end, the Center strives to go beyond traditional ways of thinking that focus on state actors and national security and recommends policies that account for nontraditional security factors such as human security. The Center for Global Governance consists of five research programs.


  • Park Jiyoung
    Park Jiyoung
    Senior Fellow

    Center for Science and Technology Policy

  • Choi Hyeonjung
    Choi Hyeonjung
    Senior Fellow

    Center for Global Governance

  • Lee Ki Beom
    Lee Ki Beom
    Research Fellow, Chief Editor

    Center for Public International LawPublication Department